BlueDivet was presented by Andalucía Emprende at the female leadership forum: “Women, Present and Future in the Blue Economy”.

The city of Cadiz (Spain) hosted last 22 June the Forum of Women Leaders in Blue Economy, where female leadership in the Blue Economy was made visible and promoted, a strategic sector for the province of Cadiz and Andalusia, full of challenges and aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda.

The BLUEDIVET Project, “Blue economy digitalization skills for VET students”, was presented at the event as well as interesting blue experiences led by women. The event featured the collaboration of female experts, supporting innovation and entrepreneurship.

In this space for dialogue, women and men, professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, scientists, institutions, companies, students, etc. from the entire value chain of the blue economy were present, with a programme of presentations, round tables and networking of the highest level.

At the institutional level, the event was attended by Ana Carrera, Deputy for Employment of the province of Cadiz; Maria Jesús Mosquera, Vice-Rector for Scientific Policy of the University of Cadiz; Inmaculada Olivero, Territorial Delegate of the Regional Ministry of Economy, Finance and European Funds and Industrial Policy, Energy and Mines; Rocío Reinoso, President of the Social Council of the Pablo de Olavide University and Ana María Sanjuán, Councillor for Green City and Energy Transition of the city of Cadiz.

It was a great opportunity for Andalucía Emprende to present our European project #BLUEDIVET to relevant actors related to the blue economy.

Thanks for the invitation to Foro Mujeres Líderes and Andalucía Emprende Cádiz

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