BlueDivet Partners’ Meeting in Piraeus, Greece

BlueDIvet project partners gathered in the beautiful city of Piraeus on 12 and 13 of March, 2024  to overview the project advancement.

The first day of the meeting was very fruitful in terms of the demonstrated achievements and project results (PRs).

After the warm welcome speech by the host organization IDEC, the final version of the State-of the Art Report (PR1), prepared by the lead partner UPCT, was presented. The report is published on project website and accessible for interested stakeholders.

The Curriculum for Vocational Training in the field of blue digitalization profile (PR2) was finalized too. It is available on the platform, developed by the IDEC following the link  .

The first version of the Handbook for Mentoring Programme (PR3) was presented by the Andalucia Emprende for peer review by all partners and discussion  the criteria for selection of mentors.

Dissemination updates were presented by VEDA. The first day of the meeting took place in a friendly environment of cooperation and collaboration.

On the second day of the meeting, a cooperation platform structure will be discussed, which will be developed by MMC – the project partner from Cyprus, as well as issues related to the management and coordination of the project.

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