BlueDivet project 5th Coordination Meeting

Held on-line via the Microsoft TEAMS on 15th January 2024, the BlueDIvet project partners meeting gave the start of the last year of the project implementation. Thus, its aim was to help partners review the advancement on the project results so far, and to set up the deadlines for completion part of project activities.

The finalisation of the Project Results (PR) 1 State of the Аrt Аnalysis at an European level of the demands and needs of the labour market  was reported by the Spanish lead partner Universidad Politecnica de Cartagena as well as the launch of the English version of the training platform by the IDEC from Greece. It was decided as a next step for the platform to be its  alpha testing by all partners.

The VET course curriculum – PR2, was completed successfully and presented on the platform. The meeting’s participants agreed on finalising  translation of the training contents from English into the partners’ national languages until the beginning of March 204, to be ready for reporting at the next face2face partners’ meeting in Greece.

Partners from Andalucía Emprende (Spain) presented the advancement in the PR 3 “Mentoring Program Handbook” and collection of best practices in the area of mentorship from partners’ countries. There were a fruitful discussion among partners to collect feedback for Handbook contents and its finalisation.

The meeting run smoothly in an environment of collaboration and good-will, giving the chance to all partners to  contribute with their views and suggestions on the issue discussed.


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