Opportunity to connect with the marine industry

The event is part of the BlueDIVET project (2021-1-ES01-KA220-VET-000034899), on digitalization skills of the blue economy for vocational education and training (VET) students. It is a project funded by the ERASMUS+ program, under the coordination of UPCT and with the participation of institutions from Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Spain.
The initiative is part of the program of events that the European Commission has integrated into its calendar to commemorate the European Maritime Day (European Maritime Day ‘In my country’).


During the event, the results obtained in the project will be presented:

  • Analysis on the state of the art: Needs of the blue market and academic offerings.
  • Curriculum for vocational training in the field of blue digitalization profile.
  • Manual for the mentoring program.
  • Development of a BLUEDIVET electronic collaboration/community platform.

Additionally, a round table has been scheduled to reflect on digitalization, the blue economy, and vocational training. This will feature representatives from the main stakeholders involved in the maritime sector and their adaptation to new technologies.

The sessions will include a translation service from Spanish to English. This way, attendees from the countries involved in the project and other interested parties will be able to easily follow the event.

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